although the theory of evolution is helpful, its praxis is frightening. I think that I would be a fool to take on something as large as evolution, yet I think that there is something amiss with how the theory is applied by those who see it as something absolute. What I find repulsive is how dogmatic it has become.

I am open to the idea. I have split my mind in two, one half I allow ideas to develop, ideas that I find foreign and ideas that I feel that I misunderstand. In the other half of my mind I allow the same growth to take place, ideas that I favor. There is development in both lines of thought. Yet I feel that I am biased and that I do not know anything other than what I prefer. 

In fact I don't have two minds, or two parts to my mind, but I have a switch in my mind: I switch on God's existence and I switch it off, and the whole world turns on its head based on that premise. For if there is no God then I would suggest that there are some conclusions that could be drawn that other conclusions couldn't draw if there were no God. But if there were a God

what I wonder most is how much weighs on the question as to whether or not there is a God.