the metaphysics of creative writing: how essay, fiction and poetry are respectively space, time and matter

the title says it all,

but let me explain:

poetry is concerned with the materiality of words. Williams said that poems are systems. Walt Whitman was concerned with the words has it's own materiality. expectations is both the work of a poet and the work of a sculptor or industrial designer. 

essay is concerned with space. Montaigne moved around inside ideas through analysis and association.

there are two ways to move around in an essay. one can go out broad and one can go up to heights and depths.

I guess that the right or the left can be similar and dissimilar, but I am not really interested in that, I don't think that it's a left and right issue, but rather out from a point. Any sort of direction can be from a point. I guess points are in relation to other points. Scale has to do with analysis. I can go in on a closer scale. Analysis is looking deeper into something and analysis can go out from a topic. In that sense it could be inductive or deductive.  Deductive reasoning will reduce an idea. Inductive reason will take more ideas on. In this sense I can be inductive by bringing more things on, but then this has to do with things, this has to do with poetry.

So, the essay is more about taking a material and moving THAT around. 

fiction is about time. if one thing moves in a frozen galaxy time will pass. 

(I'll start it soon, but I necessarily need to stop and help my family with a few matters.)