trail running

what makes trail running most interesting is that it asks of a person to pay attention to the planar aspects of running. It works the mind in conjunction with the body, rather than mindless exertion on a flat plane. 

Whats more about trail running is the aesthetic workings of the brain. The there is raw footage for both the eyes and the feet. By taking in the same are that is proximitous to a mountain I come to a greater zen as I move towards the zenith between a trail and it's horizon.  

There is also a sense of community within the trail runners. Each trail that I run on is a vote, a way to say that this is awesome and inspiring, that this run has sublimity (a kind of beauty that is frightening and adrenalinic).  

Trail running is not just being in nature, but it's being an impact on nature. It brings a greater appreciation for what might be otherwise artificial. The experiences of trail running allow for raw experiences.  

Keeping all this in mind allows the runner to find the shoe that fits their needs. The raw capacity of a shoe, the lightness on the mind.  

This is another quality of trail running , but rather running in general- the experience of absorb ability. This is why the location of a run matters. A certain experience of absorption happens during the run. The mind wanders the mind is absorbed into something else, but the body is of little concern when the runner really gets into a run.  

What else informs a decision upon a product ? 

its with these things in mind that I would recommend the blank blank shoe here's the link or a blank blank shoe etc.