lately (one)

I've been making moons out of everythings, certain kinds of everythings:

every single vhs that has lost its savor is not being rolled into one small moon in my backyard lot.

I've got a good start on the moon of condiment packets

one moon of starbucks straws

one moon of pigs and one of cows.

when you're left alone on a planet without death

you start to find cats make better moons than they do friends

moons make the best kinds of companions

when the night becomes dark and the stars remind you of your singularity


(I would be interested to see how big of a sphere of 7 billion people could make and how much gravity could come from the weight of placing so many people within such close proximity, making a planet like structure of humans; I would also be interested to do the same with the moon. think about making a moon out of all of the trees on this planet.)