lately (three)

I've been walking around town switching people's things with the same things.
I've taken his newspaper to give him the same newspaper.
I've taken her crutches to give her another pair that are exactly the same.
I've dug up her daffodils in order to put daffodils with the same height and color at the same stage in the same place.
I've been trying to take his t-shirt to give him the same one in my hands, but he won't let me make the switch.
I've been taking back my words only to repeat myself.
I've been eating my vomit.
I've been returning unopened boxes of spaghetti and cold cereal only to buy the same thing.
I've been cutting my hair only to grow it out the same as before. and I've been trimming my nails, showering, crapping in the toilet and flushing it, only to replace each with a trim or shower
flush or crap like before.
I've been replacing myself with new skin and organs every seven years.
I've been replacing old dreams with the same new dreams.
I've been restoring things
and I can't seem to resurrect anything.