lately (many)



I've been walking on the ocean's floor with my mother.


I've been eating things that I find in my uncle's bedroom.


I've been wishing for a better song to create.


I've been watching myself watching myself watching myself ad aeternum.


I've been hosing off my brother's apricot tree to see the leaves fall off.


I've been singing to my pillow to hear sound get caught in cotton.


I've been haunting my self.


I've been running out of doorways and slapping my hands on windows.


I've been vacuuming out highway rumble strips.


I've been washing my shins with gallons of foreign water.


I've been passing myself on to other passenger seats.


I've been crocheting apples and pears to put in my dead neighbor's tree.


I've been asking for another way by asking for another cup.


I've been driving my car to drive my family to drive my sense of urgency around.


I've been grasping for gestures.


I've been swallowing whole clumps of clean clay.


I've been masking my mother with masking tape at her request.


I've been freezing dandelions in my attic.


I've been moving my skin at the highest velocity I can.


I've been sharpening my sense of pinecones and samaras.


I've been pasting grass to the ground to see a flat green.


I've been ruining nothing but the bird feeder's stillness.


I've been cutting down the ghosts of trees that I've cut down.


I've been putting my hands under automatic faucets without getting wet.