john couldn't get away from sarah . because the planet was so small. when he stood on the top he could still hear her singing on the bottom. although it wasn't the bottom and top to them. it only happens to look like the bottom and the top since we are standing here looking at them as if they were a painting.

his hair is smooth and textured and blond as it waves atop his head on the top of their small world. and it is their world. there are only two of them. in fact john was trying to avoid sarah because she was baby hungry . she wanted to have children. but john worries about being able to keep another body on their world. he still thought about the first child that was buried underneath sarah's feet on the bottom of the planet . a miscarriage. john wasn't sure why she sang their standing on her child's grave. it was next to the plum tree that grew crookedly outward. the roots of the plum tree would reach through the planet and come up on the other side as small soft fibers that john had braided into a small bed.
it had been three days since john and sarah had shared that bed. he had been on the other side of the world busy tending the arugala . bitter . small . green . and distant.