I'm loving this article on metamodernism:

I am interested in how this aesthetic intercedes with the faux-naive artists such as fidalis buehler and andrew ballsteadt among others. 

Some of my own sentiments are reflected in this metamodernist movement. But it seems that twee is another aspect of it, so is sincerity. 

I'm mostly interested in the father's role in all of this, or the child's role. children are great de-constructionists, they seem to be able to acc...

children are naive, but I like nicodemus's question to jesus: how can a man be born again? I think metamodernism is a type of reborn, recast, recapitulated modernism. it's a modernism washed of/in modernism. 

but I hesitate to define metamodernism. I don't own that word. I don't have that word. how can I have a word, or can I have a word. aren't all words shared?