internet empires

the internet has been fully colonized. the age of colonization is over and now is a time of empires. the nation-states of the internet are established: google, facebook, twitter, etc. there will be outliers. there will eventually be a world wide web war just like there has been a world war. it will be interesting to see how the internet-nations end up duking it all out. I'm curious when someone will develop an internet nuke. what would an internet nuclear bomb look like, something that could wipe out whole internet nations. what do you think would happen if someone nuked youtube, if youtube suddenly and completely disappeared. 

youtube eulogy:
first I lament all the lost cat videos
second I lament the vine compilations.
o, youtube, you gave us something to waste time for
you sold us to the advertisers
you became youtube red
you always knew what my self from last week wanted to watch
when you were nuked by the facebook fascists,
when all of you videos disappeared, there was an excess of electricity for a full week,
there were holes blown throughout the whole internet
. . .