why is it only the satirists and sentimentalists (romantics) that play with god in their fictions? god is either on the far side (pun intended) of ridiculousness and hyperbole/understatement or he is overly romanticized to the extent that he is unbelievable. In either case, they assume god's image as a trope or as a cliche or as some short-hand. they don't really engage with them (him and her (but never do they engage with her)). and I just want to explore god with a sincerity. if the result feels surreal, then so be it, that is not my primary goal, but I am after a sincere exploration of god and his reality and relationship with other things, even then you could consider my explorations are a form of science fiction (imagining a time or space when humans have been able to become immortal. perhaps I am less interested in god himself, and more interested in the state of being like god (immortality, etc.) and how that works, how it feels, if it's possible, etc.