name vs. inhabit:

many times I will be reading a poem and I find that the poet will often name the thing/idea/image without inhabiting the thing/etc. often this is the way to bring the thing to life, life being the thing that delights us. 

I've often thought of a poem as a tiny planet and I think the challenge for a poet is to bring the reader into orbit without bringing the reader to crash and burn on the surface of the poem (perhaps pop cultural artifacts are meant to do this, that's why they often have a one-time-use factor), but what makes a poem well written is the ability to balance bringing the reader in close enough to gawk, but far enough so they can't touch it. again, the challenge is to get the reader to orbit the planet/poem.

I think of a poem as a tiny planet because there is an ecosystem of words on the surface, and there are large churning molten emotions at the center.