this article from the atlantic is so interesting that I had/have a hard time getting all the way through it.

the various links throughout the article are akin to a wikipedia article that you already find interesting (let alone all of the things connected to it) (by the way, what are those called (probably hyperlinks, but I feel like they could have a better name, a name that reflects the concept better) this experience of having information portals).

for example there was a pair of creatives (a poet (writer?) and programmer) that created a magic realism bot, which would post a magic realism story on twitter every two hours. 

here's the link:

the other interesting article is one where an artist mimics the experience of google images, but in a way that slowly becomes unsettling as the "search results" slowly transform between ideas/concepts/words. the blog starts out with above ground pools and slowly becomes water bags (what are these?) then pools, then large tarped areas, then heated floor piping, then raquetball courts, then ... on and on. it's an interesting experience and I found it hard to stop (I didn't know when to stop, which may say something about the tumblr/twitter/google-image streams we often get stuck in.

take a look: