a few thoughts

This is freewrite
this is my un-rapture
uncaressing of the page
this is the way I’ve walked my whole life
with both feet in a blank sidewalk
with my mother asking me who I’ve kissed
with my future like a small capital letter

This is freewrite
the answer to my greatest welcome
the way that I’ve personified myself
by walking like myself, like my arms, like my legs,
but never actually walking with my hands swaying at the side
I keep them straight. 

It’s about as quiet in my mind as a wet spinach leaf
the kind that brings you to your senses

under all this quiet inspiration is a little man
with the little man you’ll find a little woman
who hasn’t met the little man
who doesn’t pick up the quotient
who doesn’t quite like the way it rains underneath something so quiet.
willfulness is coming at me with both teeth bared

this is freewrite