i've never met a man i didn't meet.  


when will the world end. i mean we know it is going to happen. 

there is such a thing as cancer. it's when a relatively small population of cells in the body cause the death of the whole body.  

the matrix software believes in some form of global warming. i mean that in many ways.  

when i was a boy, i hadn't realized many things. i still haven't realized many things. naïveté is part of the human condition. no one is born experienced. we must all come to it gradually, selectively, and ultimately incompletely. 

one day i will die. how am i supposed to live with that. 

i feel sad about people starving. i feel sad about children who are abused. i feel sad about the mother who dies and leaves her children behind. i feel sad about anyone who has cancer. i feel sad about the father who works hard and dies early. i feel sad about houses that burn to the ground. i feel sad about dimentia. i feel sad about depression, disease, frostbite, palsy, and pedophilia. 

i cannot possibly respond to all the sadnesses i feel.