thank you, mark baumer

mark, thank you. today i am sharing the road with people, although i wonder if sharing the road is something that i can do, since, well, it’s a little hard to share something that you can’t hold in your hand. a lot of the time i just point at the road and say here, this is for you, or, here you go, friend, or, let’s stand here together, but often there isn’t much sharing that happens, and i suppose what i am saying is thank you for pointing to your feet and saying, here, saying, let me share this with so many people, which seems to me the closest you can come to handing your feet over to a whole lot of people that want to feel shared with, and i think it’s good enough, i think you have hugged me, and i want to say thank you because i watched your documentary last night and i was laughing out loud and filled in a way that i hadn’t felt filled in a while now, i felt like there was a sincerity to speaking with yourself out loud in the parking lot, and i nearly cried when i watched you run to work in the rain, and then you told me that’s it’s okay, it’s okay, you’ll be fine, you said, you can run to work in the rain just fine because i ran to work in the rain and i am fine, and, mark, that made me feel better, it made me feel better that you used an old fridge as well, one that was frostless, a fridge that is probably lonely, but maybe the fridge will one day wake up and thank you for being so kind to it, just like i am thanking you, because i suppose i’m mostly a fridge to other people, mostly someone who points to his coldness and says, here you go friend, feel free to open me up and use my coldness, feel free to square me into your corner, i’ve sat in so many kitchens throughout my life, listening to my mom and dad talk to one another, listening to the heater kick on, realizing my skin was made to work well, thinking about the times i wanted to leave home and walk across amaerica like yourself, a fridge with a purpose, a fridge with a small lightbulb heart of gold, and that’s just what i want to thank you for, your small red heart night light on the side of the road, taking abuse from rude people who insist on pointing at your feet and saying, hey you are not wearing shoes, hey get off the road, and you absorb the anger and diffuse the violence with your bare feet and blank stares, i mean, mark, i can’t think of anything more worthwhile than the small skin abrasions you are collecting in a multiplicity of ways, and i really hope you make it to utah, where i will gladly walk with you.



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