a suggestion at most

mere jason was just at  the cemet.ry grow.ng      a garden of herbs          with some mint above        dad and orgegano          on our mom      .he named the rosemary bushes..        dear horace fish              maude hollingshead          benjamin hull            juliet wall. or rather he planted them growing into their names.  .the bees sucking sepals near petals            mere jason      just wanted one morn.ng                  some chamomile tea            from the flowers developed from grandmother.s chest                      bosom of bloom          heart of gold centered green            her deepness unearthed in his belly at least                    he tended some dew                    drawn straight from the leaves              of grandfather.s grass grown by his groin                  or his neck or his head. his infant son.s grave      he felt would be fine with some flowering thyme.                        what else would he do..                  the moon not his pilot            the sod not his soul              the red iron dust in his heart                    moving on.