in the beginning          was a feeling        a small one unknown      and it was void and bodiless. the feeling felt itself          and thus the proliferation of time began to bubble out                          of this feeling feeling itself.    and amidst the bubbling of time . colors emerged and the colors          were light and radiant and the feeling grew                and the feeling felt itself grow . felt itself change            thus feeling the unknown from which it had come              now known and unknowing    unlike ever before      it felt the unknown        that it was all along            and uncertainty followed        as did certainty too        thus truth had emerged                and in time the feeling was restless          which choked out desire until          so many feelings were felt by the feeling              an explosion then scattered the feeling throughout the reaches of space.          a place at the center of              each scrap remained      a planet small and discolored            a man and a woman there kissing each other full feeling despair              they searched their own bodies and not their own bodies for something to fill or be filled. soon they found both              in their groin and they placed them together..              their filler and be fillered              and twins were conceived                  the man and the woman were all full of feeling            the twins kicked and stirred and they grew              so in time and in size in the womb                      grew kissing each other full feeling despair                    and looked for pockets and trinkets as well          to filler and fill                  til twins they conceived for themselves in their home in the womb                and thus the feeling imploded down into itself          an endless amounts                      of wombs within wombs within wombs          within wombs within wombs within                wombs falling deeper        the first great feeling plumbing itself                    asking itself where are you.