falling man

so i'm eating lunch and like this falling man is in my way and i step around him and then i realize that on my way back from lunch the falling man is still there and still falling and i realize that there isn't anything left for me to do but spend the rest of my life building a small city for him to eventually crush with his body. i don't know why it's taking him several years to fall a few feet, but when is start to build this city underneath him, i realize the poor man is thirsty and so not only am i trying to build a city where he will evetually land but i'm also trying to keep him alive and when i feed him he looks me in the eyes and he says thanks man and we get all close and lovely and i think there's something really neat about the guy, yeah, i mean he was an accountant before all this and sometimes he would do work for some people free because he wanted to be nice and he felt bad for people and i told him that's really nice of him and he kind of blushes and i just wish that he could still be a nice accountant so i bring him some stuff and now i don't just have a man falling on my city but i've got a nice accountant falling on my city and the accountant realizes what i'm doing and he gets all sad about it and says hey man i don't want to crush and entire city and by this time he's getting really close and i realize that i started building a city before i started to like this guy and now i am hesrtbroken at home thinking what the hell do i do, i mean should i go out there and dismantle the city and then i realize that i love the man and so i run to him and i squeeze myself under him and crush the city myself and just lay there for abbot and the man starts to fall on me and it takes a few days and i'm stuck and dying of thirst and he's got his back to me but we both just kind of talk for a long time like we're friends or something and we'll he turns his head toward me as much as he can and says gee man i love you but i would have rather crushed a city than to crush my best friend and all and i can't help but start to cry my eyes out and i tell him that if there was any way that i would want to die well it would be starving to death under my friend who is falling on me and i start to black out and then the police come and pull the man off of me and we just stand there and think that was one hell of a time we had and i don't know we just shake hands and i get a dust pan and brush up the remnants of the city i had built and he starts to walk away down the street and i say hey listen you take the crushed city remnants and he declines and says it's too much, it's really too much, it's really too much.