welcome to the club

i'd like to officially welcome science to the club of manipulated systems.  

religion, for longest time, has been the original club member. religion has been manipulated to the point we are rightly skeptical of its most earnest proposals. selling pardon of sins, teaching doctrines of hate, deceiving the poor, among other things. 

and more recently, government has joined the club of the skeptified: governments manipulated and colluding with corporations. 

congrats, science. welcome. you were young, you had such good intentions and such high hopes to help the humans move forward in peace and prosperity. for the longest time we've come to trust you. we even replaced our tired old churches with you, but alas it wasn't because you were any better. come to find out it was only because you were so young. 

when you were asked by money, that whore money, to bend over and take it in the rear, to find that fat was better than sugar and that sugar was better than fat and that neither were better or worse... 

you see, i see now that you are old enough, i see that you have become unreliable and your fissures have been found and utilized.  

i will miss the young science. i lament to welcome you to your middle age.  

perhaps religion in its retirement will emerge with something to say.