underneath everything

underneath everything, i mean underneath
you, and I don’t mean underneath your body

not your shadow, I mean underneath what’s underneath your skin
I mean what’s underneath what’s underneath your skin,
and I even mean what’s underneath that.

what’s really underneath you. and by really
by really I mean actually
by actually I mean what is
what is underneath you
not what you think is underneath you
not what you believe is underneath what’s underneath the underneather of your skin

what’s there is
what’s there is underneath
and sometimes
well like mostly right now
I worry about what is underneather
or the underneathest

I worry that the underneathest thing underneath me would maybe come out of me
would come up or would overneath a bit
and I think about this neathing as something that we try to see with our two tiny head cameras
and I wonder if this is really the best way for me to see things
to record things using my two tiny head cameras and my head thinking
my head thinking is really hard to keep sometimes
my head thinking is really hard to keep in the right neathing
underneath or overneath or maybe my head thinking is inneath my heart
I would like to think that the right amount of neathing is taking place in my blood
a little puddle of thereneathing in my arm
a little river of withneathing happening near the heart

maybe I am tooneath. maybe my arm fingers are little neathers.
I like to neath about with my arm fingers. I like to neath about in the yard with my leg fingers too.

when was the last time you ran beneath a tree with your leg fingers uncovered by hard bags of made things.

holy smokes, beneathing must be the most present neathing. just think about beingneathing and
holy smokes, beingneathing is almost the coolest. like there is a way to ing the ing.
the thing about inging the ing is that you’re like doing the do, but with less do. I’ve tried to ing the ing in my sleep
but sleeping the ing kept the sleep ing in the way. I mean it’s like a blue ing is my favorite ing. a nice
blue ing with a cloud ing is nice on the day, nice on a waking day thing.

I miss my mother. I mean ing is not the kind of neath that I want to be. I mean neathing is still an ing thing
but that makes me worry that the neath is the same as the ing.

couldn’t we just cup our hands and sing.