i hate you

i hate you so much I could punch you in the face
I hate you so much I could punch you in the face

I hate your mouth
it’s like a little mouth only smaller
and you’re not nice to me on being nice
and it make me feel all the way mad at you
like you’re a bit thing to hate and I hate you and that makes you be the thing that you are: hated.

and when I hate you and you are hated you hate being hated and that makes you all the more hate.

I hate you so much that you are hate and hated and that makes me make you made like you are

and now that i’ve hated you
well, I feel a little like I don’t care
like you’re not really that big as you were big in my life
like you’re not just gone and I’m still here and I’m very here not like I was

I don’t think I was here.
woah, where am i

I mean where am I being
i mean like I am not new to being, I’ve been being here for a while now
I mean like over there and over here and here here and even sometimes therely there

I’ve been very there so many times, but now I feel very here
so very here that I feel a little too here, so here that the here is hereing more than I am

like there here is so housing my herely that I want to unhere
I don’t want to here now. there there there there isn’t anyway to there so much that the here doesn’t here

the here is so here right now that I don’t think the here will ever not be here.
go away, here. go away from me, here. here, you’ve got to leave me alone. please, here. please, here.

here, why won’t you leave. can’t you bother someone else. can’t you leave here, here. leave yourself alone. stop being you so well
stop being you so much, stop being what you are, here. stop how here you are, here. here, what can i say to get you to go from here,
to leave yourself or just stop being so much like you are. how can I make you a little less like you are.

here will never leave me.