poetry and music

i don’t think many if any
would argue that music is semantic
or to put it a bit more simply
that music is necessarily logical

I don’t think music relies on logic as an organizing principle
it would seem that music is mostly
if not wholly
about feeling about the ways in which we think
or how we think

there isn’t really an organizing principle of
syllogisms in music

and I think this is the aspect of poetry that many seek to create with non-semantic pieces of poetry
it appears to me that the poem is partially organized on non-semantics, which is also a form of non-logic to it.

this is why someone can appear to follow the subject that is at hand in a conversation
and yet, not really contribute in any sort of real way
or to be more clear in any logical way

this person is relying on the non-semantic organizing principles of language
which makes a sort of sense
if not a logical sense
there is still a sense to it
much in the same way that music has a sense to it

there is nothing logical about one note following the other note
there may be some sort of rules to music
such a time signatures or keys 

but there is no logical argumentation going on in a high note following a low note
any music that is without language
and therefore without semantics
is also without semantics
and being without semantics
it is without logic

this is not to say that music cannot
in some way make an argument
there is definitely a persuasive element to music
but it is not a logical argument if anything
it is an emotional argument

perhaps even at least an abstract argument

all musical instruments are perhaps best interpreted and understood by us
as an abstraction or reduction of human speech
a form of vowel-ish or consonant yelling
a type of humming
an expression without words
the groans adults make when making love
the hums a child makes when playing
the moans of a mother in labor
they are not meant to be anything but pure expression
which in reality
is what the abstract *expressionists* sought after.

all of this was to say that poetry is something that partially seeks after pure expression through language
that despite the language necessarily asking for semantic meaning
because it is language
the poem despite this seeks after creating
in addition to its semantic meaning
or in contrast to it
or despite it
also seeks to implement the non-semantic qualities that language necessarily carries

such is the kind of non-semantic level of meaning many tech companies try to accomplish with their bots
why computed voices sound so robotic is because the bot lacks expressive qualities
such expressive qualities is what sets the human apart from the bot

both the human and the bot can perform tasks
both can speak
both can create
both can do many different tasks
but the bot lacks expression
when the bit laughs
when the bit becomes angry
when the bit feels
then new questions will arise
but for now
but for now
but for now