i am tired

and I don’t want to play
I don’t want to go to the playing place where all the playing is happening
I don’t want the place to be a playing place if I have to be there

I’d rather it be a not playing place, a place that doesn’t have playing or play
and I don’t want to play or the place to be a place

I don’t want the place to be a place. I want it to be a not place
a place that doesn’t. a place that so much doesn’t that it doesn’t place so much that
it is a doesn’t. I want it to be a doesn’t. I want it to be so doesn’t that it makes all the does not.

and when all the does not, then the doesn’t will be what it is. it will be so much what it is
that I will keep it not doing what it is not doing. it will be the best not doing, the best not does.

and then I can be holding the not does so well that everyone will look at me and thank me for it.
they will say that I am the best at holding things that does not and then they will want me
to not does some more things. they will say hey you are the best
and I will say yes that’s me, yes, you are right I am the not doeser. and someone

someone will be in trouble and they will say help me, help me I am being done
and i will come and undo them, i will make them so undone that they will thank me, oh, thank you, thank you undoer, you
have undone me. i was so done, but then you came and now I am not done like I was going to be done. and i will say, you
are welcome, you are the most welcome person, and then they will realize that they are grateful and I will also be worried with them

and they will say, oh no, I am doing gratitude and then I will cry with them, we will both be mostly tears and crying
and they will say, how could you have done this to me, and I will be so sorry, I am so sorry, I am so sorry that I have done this to you

I am the most sorry that I have done this, what a doer I am, what a poor terrible doer I have become, will you forgive me

how could you ever forgive me I will say to they, and they will say to me, we have become doers, we must accept that we are doers

and we will both be in horror that we are so doersly that we hug, and when our hug comes undone we will both slowly smile and
they will say, hey, we undid our hug, and I will say, hey, they, we are undiders to, and we will look at one another and know what we have to do

we have to, I will say to they, and they will say, of course, and then they will say, I hate you, and I will say I hate you to, and they will say, I am undoing this friendship, and I am sad about this
and they is pretty sad too

and then I will notice that they undid her eyes when she said she hated me, undid them from her normal eyeing, didn’t hold both eyes open, but undid one eye in a wink, and I knew that all the undoing we were doing was undoing but the kind of undoing that we didn’t really want to undo, but we had so much wanting to undo things that we even undid

we even undid our friendship that we didn’t want to undo, so we undid it in a way that undid the undoing, which means that we can undo and undo our undoing, and I undid a wink back at her undoing of the undoing and my wink undid the undoing of her undoing and she knew we were still friends and we laughed because we were undoing and still friends even though

even though we were undoing our friendship.

it was the best.