wind makes me feel a little riled up, it makes me feel a little more awake, more shook, more circulation, like the blood is quickening, like my outer blood is circulating in the heart of the sky, like I am waking up, no not like I’m waking up, like my heart is being stirred by the blood rather than the heart stirring the blood, no, yes, yes, yes, I am now just a heart that is being hearted, and by being hearted I mean I am being taken and I am taking, I mean that there is something that I must move and I must be moving constantly, and I think, yes, that is what it means to heart, it’s not to like something, it’s not to draw a line around something in the shape of a heart, no to heart something and to take it and push it away, to pull it in and to push it away, it’s to run into a crowd and rapidly hug your way through it, to grab each body, embrace him, embrace her, embrace it, embrace them, one by one by one, pumping in and out, I want that to be my exercise every morning, I want to move to the city, or live in a forest and take the bodies or the trees and hug each of them in full rapidity, in full sincerity, to maybe take the sap of the tree on my shirt, to make take a slipped drop of coffee on my pants, to give and give and give and give, alright, humans, I will leave you alone, i will leave you deeply alone, but those who want to be exercised upon, there is a forest just north of me, and I will meet you there, you can congregate, and I will meet you there, we will have a large hugging nation at work when we want to exercise, when we want to feel the wind, yes, that is to heart, yes, that is to heart, to pump people in and out in hugs and not, on and on and on.