new frictions

i wonder about the frictions that we create: environmental awareness, autonomous travel, "the economy", and a variety of things. not that these things are a poor use of time, it's just that they are not really a part of the animalistic human, there is no grass grazing about it, no twittering in a tree, no suspension in the river water just outside the shade in the sunlight.

these are things that are a bit more self created. at least with what consciousness we have we feel it necessary to table our consciousness at times. self- reflection is good. but it seems that these moment are larger self-reflections. stage societal reflections.

the internet offers a pooling of thinking power. the limits of knowledge making was limited by the constraints of literature. now, with the internet, there are opportunities to compound thinking power. comment threads, reviews, reddit and subreddits, wikis, etc. the phenomenon of compounded thinking power moving at the literal speed of light is unprecedented.

we may not have figured out how to physically travel at the speed of light, but we have figured out how to metaphysically travel at the speed of light. or more clearly, our language can travel at the speed of light. i suppose our images can as well. sound can travel at the speed of light.

i hope i am clear on this: the internet is made with fiber optics, which is basically a tube to facilitate light, making our data transfers actually taking place at the speed of light.

with the removal of communicative frictions, there are new frictions created, and i wonder what is waiting on the other end of the resolution of those frictions. 

i suppose it is tempting to believe that there is a resolution at one point. "the world will end with fire, wipe out the entire human race, and that will be the end." but this is not a satisfying conclusion, nor even a conclusion. how can we say that the end of the human race will be the end. it may be "an" end, one ending for one kind, but it is not the end. what lies beyond the end of the human race. i assume (because i am not a solipsist) that there will still remain a universe after the end of the human race.  

i don't want to have a humanistic point of view on this. i want to suggest that there will. it be an end, even after the human race ends. there will still remain a universe, even if uninhabited by consciousness.  

i suppose we could devolve into a discussion of what use a universe is without consciousness, but i don't want to assume that consciousness is required for a universe to exist. again, this feels very humanistic. 

but what exactly is a universe without consciousness.  

and perhaps we live within the infinite, which means that already, in this space, in a single dimension, there is already every possible kind of consciousness at play.  

the universe existed before me, and it will continue to exist after me.