the geodesy (perhaps a slight reference to the odyssey (which is considered one of the most epic poems (this is the thing that I want to outdo, this is the thing that I want to oustrip. this is the thing that I want to say is the new odyssey.

i am still thinking about this planet thing. how to make a planet-ish poem. i suppose that there are ways in which i can take the roundness of the planet, well, I suppose that I can ennumerate the qualities of a planet and then think of the ways in which these relate and work with language in particular. one thing that I think a planet has in particular is roundness. I supose I was thinknig of the preocesses of the planet and how it revolves and rotates and what not. and I believe that language has process as well. i did in a previous writing project feel that I had identified that the project would be ontological in nature, rather than epistemological. the poem of the planet already exists as the planet. i suppose that the internet is the poem that has a comphrehensive epistemological basis, but as for the onotology of the planet, well, I don’t want it to be something of a planet. I want someone to read it and say, ‘wow, this is planetary’ this is celestial, a sphere, a thing hung in the heavens. i suppose that scale is one thing at play here, but scale can’t be the only thing at play. I mean I would like to think that whitman wrote a continent. if leaves of grass isn’t a continent then i don’t know what is. so the task at hand is still to think of the qualities of the planet and then find a form for it. i guess I want to find a form for it. what shape will it take. and I wonder about doing it in a way in which it can be related in a book, but the planet is not, well, i suppose that I could maybe write in terms of lattitude and longitude.



intersection of my bildungsroman -111.694647


and what about the cherry-less blossoms -111.694770





(40.298507, -111.668588)

    the catheter beneath the lawn was left there by someone

    this i am certain of, or at least forgotten

    by someone. 



I mean do I really want the planet of poems to be a series of locations described. and how do I look at these locations and describe them. how could I ever write a planet. i supposed that a coordinate system was a way to do this, but there seems to be problems with this. there’s really no way to make this work in this way specifically. i mean, it is there, but there must be a way in which to make it work and interwork. and move and intermove. there must be a way for the planet to crawl inside itself. there must be a way and perhaps I am thinking about this in the wrong way. iiiiiiiiiii maybe I am trying to create a planet i mean you have williams who wrote a city. but i just have to think about the planet in it’s right correlative. 

what is then the correlative, i mean, is there any real pleasure is the layering of metaphors in such a way that there was a way in which the arrival of one metaphor leads to the discovery and opening up of another metaphor. this is one way in which to think about it. 

the cell, the human cell, perhaps we can talk about genetic makeup. and then I am thinking about the ways in which god ate of this earth and it changed him on the cellular level and I wonder if this is not the act that I am trying for.