a child’s clock

i only have one clock that actually ticks in my house.

i like clocks.

i like them because they tick.

Perhaps adults are afraid of the tick

not like captain hook, but they just don’t like

being reminded that they are dying.

i think that’s why most people don’t like clocks

They think it’s a countdown

like there life is going to go off like a bomb and then 

they’ll have to crawl into a coffin and go to bed

adults like bedtime just as little as children do

But i don’t think clocks are a countdown

we call this perspective

it’s kind of like spectacles that people wear 

in their minds eye

meaning they wear glasses when they think

but it changes per person

per person spectacles

or for short perspectacles

or if you are going to talk with business men or your english teacher

you would say perspective

It’s very important and will help you in your life

make sure if things are going wrong you check

your perspectacles, people often go to the eye doctor

to get their eyesight checked

it’s too bad we don’t have perspective doctors,

but i think it’s because all the adults are in a huff about which perspective is best

Children on the other hand are quite agreeable and all know 

that a good perspective is best

and time, remember that clicking clock

needs to be looked at with a good perspective. 

that tick tocking is making memories

in fact the clock is actually snapping pictures each second of the day. 

Although the pictures don’t stay in your pocket or sit on the living room table, 


they are imprinted on your mind.

An imprint is kind of like a hole you would dig in the sandbox 

along with the trenches and water canals and hills and valleys

you would make in a sandbox. If you’ve played thoroughly in a sandbox 

then you know what imprinting is.

and that’s what the clock does each second. 

It takes a picture and imprints the memory on your mind

The memories can be hard like rocks and those don’t wash away very easy

The clock reminds me how precious time is

If you’ve ever cried when you lost a toy, or felt alone then you would know how precious your mother and toy are.

each tick of the clock reminds me that time is being spent

make sure that the clock is taking good pictures of your times

i like the ticking of the clock.