because i was afraid of dying

i woke up at two a.m. and built a cubicle by the intersections of center and main. i took out paper from the cubicle's cabinet and started to write on the desk while slowly swiveling back and forth in my chair writing ..i.ll see you tomorrow.. and pinning it and another note on the cubicle wall each time the light would go yellow. each day i would move my office from intersection to intersection . writing in line with the traffic . hearing it all . yet not seeing anything except the scratch of my pen on paper.

when i died . i became depressed and sat on my office chair for three years wondering what to do with myself now that i didn.t need food . exercise . or anything. it.s no wonder ghosts creep people out. so i found an architect . biologist . and sculptor. we planned on finding a way to stand under the red stoplight and be seen.