can i go outside, i think it’s spring outside

i’m so sad you are dead plants, and it’s sunny outside. i’m sorry you’re so under

death, and it’s sunny outside and you’re not being

sunny under the sun that’s making my hair warm,

but only a little warm because the wind is still

liking winter, still overing death but really cold still. and you’re …

your under deathing is so brown and so right now when it’s sunny.

and you are so much here right now that you can’t leave. the sun is wanting

to make you over death,

make you really green, really nice to be alive and making living more

lifing, so much lifing

that the lifing lifes everything, even the wind is lifed, like my hair is

being lifed, like how lifed i am right now not like you.

you’re not going over death again, you had over death

but then the over death you had got under you and I almost feel a little

like it’s getting under me a bit. but the little warm in my hair

is getting under me a bit too, and maybe

maybe if I get under you a bit with my little warm hair, maybe the under life

will make the under death become over death. i’m going to be a little under you

so I won’t be sad you are dead plants, because it’s sunny outside.