The tree decided to go for a little fly. It flapped it branches about violently and dug into the earth with its roots firmly, making sure to grab that solid boulder and all the surrounding little clumps of grass. It might become lonely in the sky and he may never come back.

His branches thrashed more violently like a child that tries to swim into the sky, but this is exactly what the tree did - it swam into the sky. The little twirling seeds were the only things that the tree left behind.

One day while I was flying about patrolling the skies I came across this tree. I build a little tree house and asked the tree if he wouldn’t spare a root so I could water him. He looked in terrible condition, all dry and brown, barely holding onto life. With what little energy he had he loosened a root and rocks and dirt fell from underneath. I extended the root like a hose and flew the tree to a cloud to water himself. It was a little tricky so I had to go get a big fishing net to catch the cloud. The cloud kept blowing about in the wind like a downy feather. But once I strapped the cloud I caught to the bottom of the tree everything worked fine. The tree had plenty of sun in the sky, so I just made sure to water him every week. He grew finely.

We agreed that the best place for the tree to stay was along the ocean shore. That way I could find him and he could wander up and down the shore at his pleasure. At least this was the plan but sometimes storms came in and we had to locate somewhere else.

I was delighted to find that the tree was a healthy and rather large plum tree.

The other week he was struck by lightning and I had to repair one of his limbs that had been singed off. I bandaged him all up like I had seen my mother do to my brother, except I put some mud in there. It was a lot of work because the branch was so heavy, but the tree was able to reach up some roots to hold the branch in place while I did the repairs.

I built a tree house, or at least started to, but then the tree improved my idea. He hollowed out his trunk curved and placed his branches in such a beautiful way. The tree kept flinging wood off himself and let it plummet to the earth. I finally took the hint and one day I saw that he had incorporated some of the stones from his soil. I decided to use some of the smooth rocks from the shore. Eventually the tree came down and gathered some of the larger necessary stones for our project.

Every once in a while I brought some nice dirt as a treat for the tree. He liked that. When I had to go out of town for a while I would bring back dirt from other countries. He said he liked the eastern dirt the best.