mini manifesto

hello writers, like you I want to write something beautiful and something that will further humanity’s ability to express themselves. I want to be an explorer who digs into some hillside and unearths something beautiful. so, really, how I want to spend my time in this class is on experiments that allow for new possible ways of expressions (mainly through explorations of what I would call quasi-prose, a sort of hybrid between prose poetry and lineated poetry; as well as through experiments with a dot.language (which is a terrible term, but currently what I’ve chosen to call it), which basically is a sort of reflection of our use and expansion of website domains such as or or jesus.saves, etc. (not the domains themselves, but the way in which we’ve chosen to render domains using an English language that shares its utility with digital computers and algorithms as well as with people)). Not only do I want to focus on experiments that allow for better understanding and more ability for expression as our human condition becomes clearer and more complicated with technology and nature, but I also want to make something beautiful. This one is a little more complicated for me, and I am not really interested (at the moment) in making something that is small and beautiful, but I want to make something beautiful like Calvino (Invisible Cities) or Milne (Winnie the Pooh) or Exupery (The Little Prince) or Goldsworthy (Time) or Barry (Peter Pan), or Merwin (Rain in the Trees) or Whitman (Leaves of Grass). I must confess that I have spent a considerable amount of time focusing on experiments, but more recently I am concerned with beauty and what that means and how it is accomplished. I have less of an idea of this and more of a deep-gut-set desire to make it happen. Specifically, I am interested in working with beauty through the emotion of wonder. I hope that if anything my poems create that sense in the reader. This is where I like to emotionally occupy myself and I hope that my readers can feel that at the very least: the wonder of crying, the wonder of laughing, the wonder of (yes these are stock emotional reactions, but this isn’t a poem, now is it) dread, the wonder of despair, the wonder of feeling anything, anything at all. So, if you all could help me out and try to help me stay on task by pointing out where I am succeeding in accomplishing new methods of expression (with my quasi-prose and dot.language) and by helping me know when I have touched something internal, something that causes you to feel something is beautiful and wonderful, then that will be alright by me.

zach t power