(needs revision, or could just be used as a catalyst)

he had lost it.

the lullaby playing in his ears was too much.

the sky was watercoloring a sunset and he set down all propriety and danced on campus.

tomorrow was ash wednesday and he was going to go down in fire with a passionate pattern of foot stepping and jubilee.

behind him was the campus book store and students had already started home for the holidays. there were a few who saw his first leap coupled with the french horn singing straight from his lungs. the air vibrated through his throat like his heart was vibrating through his soul.

his hands flew out like waves and he shuffled down the cobblestone alleys between the buildings of considerable size.

he grabbed a young women slumped in personal woe by the cheeks on her face and looked her in the eyes with a stare that melted the cocooninated flower. she began to cry and it began to rain. they began to dance and heaven set itself in pieces down in the midst of each raindrop. molecules of heaven came to visit an angel contained in each drop falling into the sleeves and hair of the couple that were steaming in the rain.

the grass on either side of the walkway was breathing out a simple supply of life and energy that the couple copulated into their pores which was returning the favor by shuttling steam into the atmosphere.

it was beautiful

it was physical music.