i interview zach power on the shape

after elaine equi

Q: tell us about your experiences with the circle?

A: it all started in my mother’s womb

and gained momentum at her breasts.

every soul is a circle to enclose or straighten.

i spent seven summers with a drafting compass

teaching people the meaning of circumferences.

it’s all about the artisitic endeavor.

Q: and what is your opinion of the square?

A: i struggled with it for years.

it wasn’t until i looked closer at my sugar and salt

that i realized squares are better to taste.

i started licking everything—most often my knuckles—

just to get a better grip on the square.

Q: and the triangle?

A: last winter i had handfuls of them in all my pockets.

the triangle is really a difficult shape to live with

sit on, swallow—this one time i inhaled a handful,

another time i gave them to kissing couples on the street. 

recently i’ve been setting them on my tongue

where they dissolve into three parts—into lines.

they have opened up for me a whole new artistic dimension.