i still wonder

Peculiar and slightly distant, his offbeat and stuttering walk was quite whimsical and caused me to chuckle. One could tell his thoughts were distant, because he seemed to be unaware of his surroundings. Yet he was curious about the things he was unaware of. It was a late afternoon, not quite dinner yet, when i spied this intriguing youth in the park complete with autumn beauty.

i saw him standing and observing everything with empty eyes. He looked to the clouds, and then flattened his back to the ground, still looking skyward. With his back on the ground he turned his head left and then right. His body tensed and he fixed his eyes on something close. With his attention set, he twisted his body onto his hands and knees and made the close thing closer. i was so intrigued by this i didn’t notice a leaf flutter and hit him center on the nose. His reaction was unanticipated. He jumped to his feet and took a fighting stance, in silence, not a noise from him. i felt a cold breeze move past my ears to where he stood separated from me. Then the leaves fell. With each leaf came a rapid flux in his gestures, a kick or a punch was inaccurately thrown at each leaf. He missed every leaf, and seemed to dance in a unique way, an oxymoronic, robotic ballet.

He began to tire and his motions slowed. He struggled to fight off the leaves that were surrounding him. His face, now red, contained fear and his silent ways were about to be broken by a pleading scream. Or so it seemed. i never found out, and i was glad not to. A man more plain than water strode towards the boy, and without any emotion at all grabbed the boy’s hand and took a course into the distance. And i still wonder.