I love the little prince. it’s such a good book. it has a certain quality to it: this kid who is so wise. the wise child is an interesting idea. the informed child. how can a child be wise. i think that’s why I like it. the little prince is a child, and yet he is able to transcend adulthood. I think that’s another interesting idea, this concept of transcending adulthood, to go over and across adult hood. We talk about adulthood as if it is the pinnacle of human cognitive development, but I think that there are stages after adulthood. I don’t think that just because you are grown-up means that you are developed or smart of loving, but to a child, to a child, to a child the grown-up has a certain ethos that is unearned in manner ways. I think sometimes it just has to do with size. other times I think it has to do with experience. But I don’t know.