poet for hire

could I sit in your lobby

could I sit on your lap

and write a poem

could I find you mother and tell her how much I love her for you

name your dog the most perfect name so

you will be even more devastated when it dies

and then come and speak at your funeral so you will never live the same way again.

could I come into your bedroom at night

and speak your dreams in your somnambulance

speak your dreams for your mind

do the work for you

could I come into your kitchen

tell you all the things that rhyme with your dinner

could I meet your wife, your husband, your lover

and throw them at your knees with my words

could I ever hope to make you feel the way I do

when I walk home at night

and I’m mugged for my mouth

could I show you that my brain is the only thing that can’t be stolen from me

could I just laugh with you on the couch

and say nothing

could I ever lift the moon out of your heart

could I know that you are here with me always

I don’t cost that much

only a … [what does a poet cost?]