the ages of my body

the immensity at best divides us from ourselves

when i wake

it fills the room. when i sleep it fills my mind.

and i lie still as my body grows

or shrinks . i’m not sure which .

and i worry that my head is not

the same age as my heart

given that things at different altitudes

are not the same age

the higher the altitude the older the thing.

time goes faster at higher altitudes

and that.s why i stand on my head

so often. i would hate for my

young heart to misunderstand my

old and soggy throat

because everything of my body

is a different age

unless i sleep all the time.

it happened when i started to walk.

a lot changed when i started to walk.

perhaps the chimpanzee

drags his knuckles so that his head and

his heart are of a similar maturity.

perhaps it would be better to

lie down for now.