upon the birth of my first child i pondered innocence

adam sat naked on his haunches poking a fish

drying out on the side of a river. the fish gasped.

adam gulped. neither getting much of the morning

green air. the fish was more rigid than before. adam shivered.

eve held a bird with a broken, bleeding wing

against her bare white breast. she stares.

the bird splutters. syncopated hearts beating fast.

the bird felt more wild than before.

my wife’s womb felt more wild than before.

the water ruptures. syncopated hearts beating faster.

she stares. against her bare white breast

she held a child with a broken, bleeding yelp.

the womb less rigid, i shivered. the infant

nostriling air with new lungs, gulping

and drawing out milk from youth’s fountain,

naked on the shore of her chest, no longer a fish.