walking around

thinking  ..I like to walk

around with a wet

stone in my hands..

seeing a man walk

into a women's


assuming something

needed to be done

being in a place

where everyone carries

a bag

on their back

in their hands

with kids

most don't have kids

thinking the sun is too bright.

wondering ..am I

the archon . or

the internet..

realizing the biggest

thing I've carried: a box

stumped: a metaphor

people have become unfamiliar

with some new metaphors:

un-wifi-ed . wandering . ..forgot my password..

I know but

have never recorded


realizing my brain and its residents are a loseable thing

stumped: you can

cut off the top

but the roots ...

finding sap on some roots

wiping sap on my tongue

rubbing my tongue on the roof of my mouth

rubbing my brain on its floor

trying to meet them in the middle

not sure if putting an old brain in a new body is the right thing to do

unsure of what the word ..answer.. really means.

realizing brains don.t have passwords.

realizing flowers don.t have brains

realizing the following brains make me cry: awkward . crippled . slow . scared . lonely . buzzed

seeing two brains hug

offering that no brain is stupid

listening to a tiny brain whistle in the trees

realizing we name brains . f… brains . make brains . bury brains but tend not to eat them

developing a short headache

feeling scared of brains

realizing I.ve never touched or seen

not even my own brain

thinking paintings are sort of like brains

realizing paintings are nothing like brains

realizing I like things I cannot see.