written by an r.m.

Walking on purpose and knocking for hope.

Floating eternal truth searches for souls with eyes.

Lightning eyes that pray for more existence.

Feeling heat of man and sky under cloud stained skies.

And sweet, salty sweat is such a successful taste.

Hot air balloon bikes rushing child, fresh rides.

Hugging grace in harmonic, unified gratitude for all.

Different chips separate memories from salsa.

There was only one cold day except every morning.

Trial beaten, broken Reader, both of us.

It hurt us.

Oh, how I swell at the thoughts inside me.

Take me back to the places of faces,

where time was free from limit and only.

How could I lose such wings of precious opportunity?

A park previously dry becomes a fountain for identity.

And love how it grew in that tree I sat in.

With kicks in the air and doors falling down.

A blue balloon lifted the spirit of the broken often,

and barbecue sauce tasted more like friendship.

Fear stricken sickened breath to death.

Uncommon night of uncommon company.

Second fledgling steering with a mended heart.

Wood floors singing the sight of a heaven-ward portal.

A song of tearful joy listening, and love.

No wonder I feel like a failure.

I had not what I held alone.

My mouth didn’t say enough to enough.

Ending in tears and becoming a liar in love.

Hated from the tree but loved in twisted clay.

I want to go home or make it at least.

I’ll just keep painting my puzzle.

This night never ended but when the sun was risen.

And so it was and is and will

you tell me if it’s really going to end that way?