in response to wyeth thomas sending me a syllabus on the new york school of poets

o. i do like this. is this the school you were accepted at? are you going? what’s the update on schools. also, hello. and then i am thinking that such a class would be interesting with the juxtaposition of the other arts and music and just the space of new york. i hope that we are doing the same here in provo and salt lake city. and i think there is potential for some history to emerge here (because what is history except emergence, things that live past their due date (like the lemon that doesn’t rot but instead desiccates (yes, i hope i don’t rot but desiccate. that would be my wish for my continuance, for my afterlife. i don’t think the afterlife is anywhere but here, and i don’t think it happens except with books and histories and things that can contain a semblance of sentience. at that point i want to create something that continually recreates me. i want to become a recreation (in the sense of recreational hikes (i want to be something that can be hiked through, and i think i can do this with my writing. yes, there it is, the hikable self. walk with me . while i am gone.