I was born with a different name. My parents were divorced before I could walk, and I thought my father was a monster until I met him when I was twenty-one. When I found out that he likes writing as much as I do, that he grinds his teeth when he sleeps, that he has the same smile and laugh and humor as me, I changed my mind. Maybe it has to do with writing and God, forgiveness and love, or the story about Solomon splitting a child between bickering mothers.

I’ve moved over 20 times before my LDS mission in Brisbane, Australia. I only had to wear a sweater there for one week, the only week that I wasn’t wearing sweat on my brow. I remember ultimate tracting with Elder Robinson. We ran from door to door. I think it was because of what President Kimball said, something about running until you couldn’t, then walking, then crawling, then dragging himself from door to door to share the gospel. We felt his fire and we ran.

I proposed to my wife a week after I got home from my mission. She was the same girl a knew before my mission, someone that liked long walks and pinecones. She was my first kiss on a hill behind the temple in Sanpete County. Now we’re the parents of one and a half children. My wife says the child we are expecting is the size of a lemon, a three and a half inch lemon. I say the child we have is as vibrant as a lemon, a one and a half year vibrant. She’ll be weighed down like a peach tree by August and then we’ll have two children and I can have a turn holding our child.

one two three

I want a job that let’s me create. I want a job that has calories to burn, not the physical kind, but the passionate kind. I want a job that has something that I can put my heart into, something that I can ignite and light up and show others and let them catch the fire and burn those passion-calories in their own life and work. The arts are full of this kind of work. I hope to teach creative writing, and to lecture on the process and inspire others to express the beauty that is within them and particular to them. Art affects every part of our life, and I know that as I progress down this route I can instill in people a sense of wonder, order, and serendipity. And that serendipity is what inspires my educational goals. If I keep my senses open and mind active I will always be learning. Beyond that I want to pursue an MFA and a PhD.

Among other goals would include owning a house one day and growing a big garden and a small orchard. Then I would make an Italian dinner from scratch. And I mean scratch: grow the wheat, tomatoes, basil and garlic myself; buy a cow and make mozerella cheese; and make some noodles from the wheat I grew and ground myself. It  will take a lot of work. In line with my profession, I would like to write prolificly and experience and practice all kinds of art.