geoffrey power the first

I realized I didn’t know much about my dad because I didn’t ask. It’s partially my fault.

He had a suitcase full of books when he arrived in New York from England. He had his suitcase of books stolen in NYC - Welcome to America.

His relationship with grandma started in part when he borrowed a cup of sugar from her.

he had a candy apple red car

He was confident

When he was in the hospital someone said “Hang on you’ve got two more daughters on the way. He hung on and passed away 20 minutes later

Dad I love you uncle dennis said to him but he couldn’t say I love you back to him so he hung up the phone

One of his heroes was marcus aralius who was a roman emporer during the golden age

He had a hard time expressing emotion he called crying and talked and said “I love you” and hung up really quickly.

Symbolism - they sang Danny Boy at his funeral. Some of the words read “Tis you that go and I must ‘bide.” Another lyric is “Tell me that you love me,” which goes along with his trouble saying that to others

Winston Churchill was another one of his heroes.

50 cents in his pocket.

Kim said that the eggs and toast and ketchup was gourmet

Before the funeral I heard the bird’s loud song at the tip of the tree in the corner of the parking lot. It was a clear sky with clouds. There was a man demanding flowers on a cell phone. Flowers - beauty. Amazing grace - was blind but now I see - he changed on the closing of his life.

He was good.

impromptu games he liked to play

he had great hearing

clippers and black combs

He was a french fry enthusiast

He loved Irish songs

loved going on walks

taught himself to play piano and guitar

He was a gentleman

he wanted a blessing on saturday at 11:30 (the saturday after conference)

I remember when I got my trumpet he would play it.

We had pancakes with sprinkles and that was my favorite

He said to Ashley me sister “I bought your book... I would have rather spent it on a horse.”

Ashley said “Embrace the good and the bad.”

He had a scripture on his wall in his office it was in Ecclesiastes “race not to the swift bread not to the wise...”

gave a lot of people a leg up out of college

he had a horse he owned named “Wait til’ Monday”

he insisted that the missionaries come back despite what grandma said. He never joined the church.

In his prime he was fearless.He was an astute father

“Mom you are a saints,” my Dad said. “I made you cry... that means I win.” My dad said.

My dad was grandpa’s namesake.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him” Charles said. He was referring to his hard time with alcohol.

His passing brought his family close together.