I’ve been afraid of the future ever since they started using time machines. Now I know why. It was the motion that made me sick, when they brought me here—to the future. But now it’s all the white, it’s starting to give me hives. I know how it ends, and then again I don’t have a single clue.

They found a space in time that was so empty and dark. Come to find out, all the people die before it actually gets to this point. That’s why it was so blank and white. The best place to put us was in the future, right next to the end. We’re all on the edge of a cliff. It’s where I am now. They didn’t want to ruin the beginning, where it all began or where anything began. You don’t put us where things begin. So they went as far forward as possible.

It’s barren, sterile and white, but it’s dark. It’s as dusty and white and dark as noon. Everything is white, but there isn’t much light at all, because there’s so much white in the air. It makes things very gray, very dark. The only color that exists is in our eyes, a little bit of color in the skin and some in the hair, but even the blood has gone white. They say it used to be red. They say red is like our skin but with less white. Whatever that means. It makes the body hypersensitive. It was allergies that killed the human race, they say. They found out too late that man wasn’t evolving. It was a devolution—each generation of DNA with less color, less order. That’s why humans never made it this far.

If you’ve ever lived on the moon, then you know what’s it’s like right before it ends. Yeah, the hives and suffocating. They stopped living on the moon years ago, while it was still airborn. Now it’s looming out of the ocean carved and populated with faces like Mt. Rushmore, they said. They said that the little mountain wasn’t big enough to hold all the faces, and when the moon fell there was no debate over what to use it for. They don’t debate, is what I found out.

If you live longer than most, and if you can stand the hypersensitivity, they say that you see the end of the world. They say you see the sun die. That’s what they predict, but no one knows, and the drones never come back. No one knows how it ends. So they just send us to the edge of time, perhaps hoping someone will come back and tell them how it ends.