diary entry

    Great day. All days are great really. I mean think about it each day has thousands and thousands of seconds in it. 

    Eric and Kelly finished their visit today. They just loved holding Sam, and also talking about politics.

    I started a blog. It’s going to take a lot of work and discipline, but I’m up for the challenge. I really want to stay current on events. The blog is titled “redressing grievances” but I don’t really think that many people will get the word “redress.” It is actually a good word that means something closer to rebuilding, rather than refurbishing which is what most people might mistake it to mean. I’m headed down to Ephraim tomorrow and I can’t say how excited I am. I could try to say, but it wouldn’t really come clean off the press. 

    Eric and Kelly were a delight to have. I almost started to cry the other day as I stood next to Eric. I feel so natural around him. I also learned why my dad gave me such a hard time about smiling in family pictures. It was because I was trying to smile like him and my brothers. I saw Eric smile and the wrinkles on the sides of his eyes. I thought “that’s it, that’s how I was made to smile.”

    Anyway, I am just loving the time I get to spend with Sam. I got to read “Skippy Jon Jones” to him today. It’s a good book, but the best part was Sam wiggling and cooing on the ground next to me as I read the book. 

    Anyway like always it’s lat and I have a big Ephraim day ahead of me.