diary entry

    This past week has been really good.

    I wish I could do better on the calendar. I hate to see emails from Eric that shows all the mistakes I’ve made. Suzanne said that it comes with time. 

I am really getting excited to work there this summer.

    Suzanne sent me an email (boy, do we depend on those emails) asking me to start writing the TV news script. Script writing will be interesting. She also said she wanted me to do some of the news anchoring and said I would do well on camera. Little does she know that I did drama in high school and even did some acting for a stock film and photography company.

    I really wish I didn’t have to write sports so much. It’s such an dry subject. Although I think that is where most of my writing improvements have come through. It’s been a challenge to work with a foreign subject like sports. But with that extra difficulty has come some extra growth.

    I am learning about what work I do and do not like. I really enjoy working at a desk. I find that calming and it helps me stay organized. I really like organization. But I also like talking to people as well. What I don’t like about work is the fast pace and the multiplicity of projects. I was working on an art project - one big project - the other day and I found that I liked that much more. I also remember working on my final essay for my English class. I liked both of those big projects. I am realizing that news writing is for coffee drinkers and adrenaline junkies. I like things to be slow and steady, but not without purpose. I don’t mind the big projects, but I don’t like all the little fast paced projects. As you can tell with my babbling I am just starting to understand this. In fact I just started to understand it last night when I finished my art project. So, I’m grateful for being able to work and gain experience at the Messenger and to learn about my self at the same time.