diary entry

    I went to work today.

    I am amazed that my work is so much easier than it used to be. I could sum it up in two words - attitude and Kylie.

    First, my attitude has changed tremendously. I am positive and happy. I am also much more willing to just get the work done. Before I would avoid the small and tedious things. I would avoid doing the hard things, or I would go about doing it with contempt. Now I recognize that it has to be done no matter what and so I just get it done.

    Second, Kylie has changed my life. I love her by the way. She was the one who helped me change my attitude. Her love is comforting. I am grateful to know that she is there for me. Even when I confess my mistakes and shortcomings to her she smiles and still loves me. I know that she is pained by my weaknesses, but I know that she loves me through them anyway.

    I can’t thank the Lord enough for his goodness. I want to be a better example of his light and the life that he gives. 

    Hayden, or should I say Elder Finlinson, or should I say Jaun Loco Pinlinson, left on his mission the other day. I will miss him, but I couldn’t be happier for him. To say the least I was very excited to be his companion for a short amount of time. I told him everything he needed to known and even some things that he might not. Nonetheless I was ecstatic about the whole thing. I was so caught up in the memory and joy of serving a mission. 

    And then I remembered that I am not a missionary that is set apart anymore. It burst my bubbling joy. I looked at my life and I realized that I was not waking up on time, and that I was not exercising. In short I was wasting the training I had received on my mission.

    I set out determined to be a better man; to be the man I was trained to be. I know that I will be held accountable to live the life that I had learned to live while I was on my mission. So, here I am writing in my journal, going to bed at a given bedtime and preparing myself for each God-given day.

    Then I became excited again. I realized that in a few short months I would be the father of a boy. Not just any boy, but a boy who will become a faithful priesthood holder. I would be a father to a boy who will become a missionary. I am overjoyed even as I type. I can tell him all about being a missionary out in the mission field and we can go and be missionaries together the day he is born. Oh, the Lord is merciful and blessful.