​he and he

gupte hunt it good that he had stick sharp rock to kill animal his wife was making care of skin and meat and bones she make the animal and animal gupte kill she make funisi the boy child and make care him it is morning and gupte wake to hunt small fast animal on plains he pick up stick sharp rock and walk out as sun stand on earth gupte hungry he want to wife and son to stay so he kill animal and animal with sharp teeth and kill animal with stone teeth for food for wife and son he walk through grass and come to ertusn his hut ertusn dont need to eat his belly is round like rhino back but gupte like help he can kill big food if ertusn come also ertusn had eyes closed and dried meat in mouth and make noise and noise loud when gupte come in his hut gupte move him with back of stick and ertusn chew on meat in mouth and stop make noise and noise he woke up with animal eyes and then man eyes look up at gupte come hunt he say ertusn move his back away and gupte grab his foot and drag him out of hut and throw ertusn his stick sharp rock stick hit his head ertusn sat up and scratch head slow and raise arm and arm to sky he and he walked away from sun on earth to big field and grass to kill animal and animal for eating the grass make noise and noise like wind there he and he walked ertusn he say he want to make big soup if he and he catch big animal gupte laugh yes big soup for big man ertusn push cheek and cheek back to smile gupte look ahead with small eye and eye and ertusn what is that he say pointing sharp rock and i dont know it not animal must be big rock he and he stand in grass with arm and arm and arm and arm down at side and look at other he and then back at not-animal-rock as he and he walked closer rock got big it as many as seven gupte on gupte and this is not a rock ertusn say and gupte say it is big hut but not grass and he and he hit it with stick sharp rock and stick sharp rock and he and he say it not soft like animal not soft like huts and he and he walk around all of big hut but no hole to walk in hut and one tree not like other tree and tree next to big hut ertusn he say i am hungry and gupte he say you chew on meat all night and ertusn he say wife and son and son and daughter are hungry gupte look at big hut and he say you eat all food even bone and bone and ertusn he say big hut there is not walk in it is not hut but big rock not food in rock and rock gupte he look at big hut and look at ertusn and look at big hut and look at ertusn and he say gupte hunt

gupte kill big animal and ertusn and he make big animal to go to hut and hut and gupte he say not to ertusn that he dream with eye and eye open of big hut that has tree ertusn he say i eat big soup with he and she and gupte he say ertusn eat big animal before i and he make to hut and ertusn he laugh and drop big animal head and gupte drop animal legs