diary entry

    I went to the run-down meeting yesterday. As usual I waited for 45 minutes until the meeting started. But they have changed the meeting time to be at four o’clock on Tuesday. Which is nicer because I can eat lunch. 

    It’s interesting being an intern. I get to do all the filler assignments. I really like all the experience that I am gaining. I am amazed that I have all the opportunities that I do.

My favorite thing about working at the messenger is learning to be a faster and more effective writer. I’ve been able to write things faster while at the same time learning how to write with greater detail and description. Also my writing is founded more on facts and less on personal feelings. I think that would be my greatest improvement.

    I also feel that an improvement in purposeful english mechanics has taken place. Before I would just write whatever came to me and call it inspired. Now I can think ahead of time and actually plan what I what the essay to look like and add meaning and purpose on purpose.