“Shh,” I said or whispered or shh-ed I guess. “If we don’t get the treasure the King will surely sentence us to a sentence.” Gosh girls sometimes.

I raised my stick torch to see further in the watery canyon. We were so deep down in the gutter... erh.. canyon that there was barely any light. Suddenly I heard a great roar, and there was a lion behind us in the canyon.

“Look out for the cat,” Camille called out.

“It’s a not a cat it’s a lion.”

“Look out for the lion,” she yelled.

Ugh. Trying to find a treasure with a little sister is not easy. I kept walking slowly down the gutter canyon. I bet it was much easier for King Arthur to find the treasure. At least he didn’t have any little sisters.

“Look! Camille there’s the … Oh, don’t pet the Lion. Camille! …” I’ve got an idea. “Camille, if we’re going to get that treasure I need you to … come here, let me show you something.” I walked her almost like a dog out of the gutter, over the sidewalk and into the backyard. “Okay Camille, if we’re going to defeat the witch next door we need to make a poison ya’ schee. Ya’ schee she is invincible to swords,” I said as I waved my stick sword, “ya’ schee what I mean. We need to poison her ya’ schee.” I liked saying ya schee’ makes me feel more official. “So, I need you to gather some grass and flowers and stuff to make a poison. I’ll come get… well don’t come out until I get you.”

There, now I can get the treasure no problem.

I walked back to the chasm and stepped into it again. Now where was I? Oh yeah. I started to walk in the black puddled water with my torch above my head. I had to walk around big pebblesrocks boulders, yeah, and then a leaf log fell, I muttered “look out!” under my breath, “crunch ... keshpack,” went the giant log that I had to dodge. I got soaked by the splash it made. I finally climbed up the chasm wall and rode horseback over the open lawn plains until I came to the fence castle walls of the great evil witch who had a treasure. I started to climb the castle walls and reached the top to look over the neighbor’s fence witch’s walls.

“Hi Spencer,” Camille said.

“Camille … you’re ‘sposed to be getting the poison.” She didn’t say anything but she looked at the ground and slirped her juicebox.

“Hey where did you get that juicebox?”

“Ms. Mcgrady.”

“But, she’s the witch though.”

“Oh, hello Spencer would you like a juicebox?”

Whuh! The witch! “Uh...”

“I have some jelly beans too.”

“Uh...” I jumped from the fence and landed on her lawn. “Okay.”

Sometimes you have to pretend that you’re not pretending anymore, even if a witch gives you some treasure and a juice box.